Added to the international artists:

Panic City, techno/electronica from San Francisco, CA. 

There's more to the Philippines than Manila. And there's more to La Union than surfing. This October, Beep Activations brings you Soul & Surf, a grand ol time on the shores and on the surf. Keep posted on for more updates on activities and guests to this event. Update: performing music artists: DJ Nix Damn P, Tropical Depression, The Bloomfields, Salamin, Quest, Indio I, Franco, RAC (Remix Artists Collective), and from LA, the electro-pop duo, Classixx!

Ticket prices are P2000 and P3500, valid for the entire festival, available at StokedInc stores nationwide.

To find out how what you get at these prices, the exact locations, possible camping sites, parking sites, and pick up and drop off points if you have a friend's house or place to stay off the beach, and other information, go to The La Union Soul Surf FAQ.!faq/c10up