From facebook: Formerly PINIKPIKAN, we are now known as KALAYO. We hope you like our music - it's uniquely Filipino World Music! Description We are KALAYO. Yes, and one more time, KALAYO, which means fire, is a group composed of friends coming from the different corners of our archipelago - the Philippines. We love what we are doing, as simple as that, and we feel very comfortable with this music that we intend to share with all of you out there. Call it world music, maybe, but we think it is already beyond the term. Regardless of how you may describe it, we just want to embrace our world through our melodies and our thoughts.. that we might make a little difference in our lives for good. This is our beginning. This is our share and we would like you to partake with this recipe that we just cooked - KALAYO music. multitalented supergroup formed by Sammy 'Faith' Asuncion, after forming world group Pinikpikan and Spy Band members: Louie Talan (b) Reli de Vera (d) Budeths (r/v) Boy (r/v)